Rocky Wells Agri-Services was started in 2013 to better manage the increasing demand of our customers and the overall expansion of our customer base. Through RWAS, we contract other carriers to deliver products to our customers in excess of what our company trucks can manage. We not only broker freight, but also trade grains and feed commodities. In addition, we sell ag lime, gypsum and other farm inputs to farmers throughout South Carolina and decorative rock to landscapers in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

If you are a carrier interested in hauling for Rocky Wells, please go to our Trucking page for information on how to get set up.

New in 2019…

We are changing the future of how smaller farming operations manage their feed commodities and other inputs.

Is your farm bigger than a hobby farm but too small to have the bulk storage and handling abilities that large operations have?  Do you wish you had a more economical way of getting specific commodities for your livestock?  Are you tired of handling 50 lb bags?  Rocky Wells wants to be your partner! 

After years of requests, we are now offering bulk commodities in less-than-truckload portions.  By providing the commodities you need in super sacks, we can offer you bulk pricing and handling options with the same just-in-time delivery services that are available to large farms.  Our renewed focus is on you...the small farmer.  Rocky Wells is proud to help you find a large scale solution for your small scale farming operation!

Please give us a call for current pricing.