Agriculture's Favorite Ride!


Rocky Wells Trucking, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Walter and Cindy Hook.  Walter and Cindy were produce farmers in Lexington, SC and shipped their farm products throughout the southeast. In an effort to increase revenue and efficiency, they started the trucking company as a separate business to haul their farm commodities and obtained commercial authority to back haul various products for other customers in addition to their farm’s produce.

Over the years, Rocky Wells has hauled many different types of freight in refrigerated trailers, dry vans, flat beds and end dump trailers. Our customer base has expanded from just the southeastern states to all over the country. Our trucks have made deliveries as far away as California and Alberta, Canada.

In 2004, Walter and Cindy's oldest daughter, Loni, joined the company as Director of Operations. At this time, we began hauling dry bulk commodities and our business has grown steadily ever since. We currently haul agricultural commodities in bulk trailers including end dumps, hoppers and live-bottom trailers. Commodities we haul include feed, fertilizer, grain, landscaping rock, lime and mulch.

In 2013, we started a separate company, Rocky Wells Agri-Services, to better manage the increasing demand of our customers and the overall expansion of our customer base. Through RWAS, we contract other carriers to deliver products to our customers in excess of what our company trucks can manage.  We not only broker freight, but also trade grains and feed commodities. In addition, we sell ag lime and gypsum to farmers throughout South Carolina and decorative rock to landscapers in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Between the two companies, we operate in more than twenty states each week.

While we no longer grow produce on our farm, we still work the same land that has been in our family for more than six generations. We currently harvest more than 200 acres of corn, sorghum, soybeans and wheat annually.

Rocky Wells remains a small company, family-owned and operated. We pride ourselves on one key principle - customer service. We view ourselves as partners with our customers and strive to build long term relationships that will aid in mutual business growth and prosperity.

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